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Electronical repairs &


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PC/Laptops repairs

There are now hundreds of different models and variations of personal computers and laptops, from mini net books to full gaming machines. Here at Total – fix we are able to repair all models of laptops and personal computers. We are able to repair many faults which can occur including water damage and broken screen replacements.

Many faults can affect computers and laptops, from overheating issues to viruses shutting down the machine. Here at Total-fix we are able to carry out many repairs so the best thing to do is to contact our trained technicians for advice on the repair and a cost.

We also offer a full pc/laptop service which entails diagnosing the machine and making sure the operating system is running correctly and healthily. We also offer a service to upgrade pc and laptops, this entails higher ram memory, higher graphics, cpu, motherboard (only on pc) and bigger hard drives or installation of solid state drives.

We offer a no fix – no fee policy so if we are unable to fix the repair then no charge will be issued, we also have availability to a number of different parts and manufactures to the very best parts for your machine.

See here for more information on pricing, for more details regarding pc upgrading please ring here: 01482 214384

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Notebook problems?

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Most people's PC is vital for their business to function, information, socialising, shopping and day to day living. Without it you probably feel lost, that's why our team aim to get your PC fixed as soon as possible. 

With a ''No Fix, No Fee'' policy you can be confident you'll either walk out with a fully working PC and if you don't you won't be out of pocket.


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TV broke?

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No shifting heavy TVs to the repair shop we come to YOU for TV repairs. If your TV can be fixed there and then you only pay a max of £30. If this is not possible our engineers will safely take your TV back to the lab for professional diagnosis.

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Need a mobile phone repair?

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We have the best tools and equipment to diagnose and fix a variety of mobile problems.

We offer repairs to most makes and models from Samsung, Blackberry, Sony, Ericsson, HTC and many more. We specialise in Apple devices so offer a comprehensive service for I Phone repairs. 

We can change backs, digitizers and frames, many other common problems and more advanced mobile errors.