Want to sell your mobile phone

Want to sell your mobile phone?
The world has witnessed a massive increase in the use of mobile phones especially since Apple launched its first iPhone back in 2007.  Over the years we have noticed that mobile phones lose their value and within a few years a time comes when your old mobile phone is worth almost nothing. It’s always advisable to sell your mobile phone before it loses all its value and is worth next to nothing.  Mobile phone recycling has gained much more attention in the recent times because the amount of newer mobile phones bough every year in the UK is much higher than mobile phones sold or recycled in the UK.
 We at TFT offer repair services and are often asked if we buy mobile phones, which we don’t so we decided to dig around the best recycling company in the UK. Doesn’t matter what you want to sell they’ll buy it. If you want to sell an iPhone 7 or want to recycle an iPhone 8 with a broken screen you can ask them to send you a trade pack and send them your mobile phone for free. You can also sell your Samsung s7 and sell your Samsung s8 and they’ll pay you a descent price. According to Gartner research, this quantity increased by 1.3 percent in 2018. In the first quarter of 2018, Gartner research noted 455 million smartphones in Indonesia were sold. This number is almost twice the size of the total population of Indonesia. The rapid growth of mobile phone sales is caused by consumers’ consumptive behaviour, economic growth, rapid technological development and innovations, and rapid changes in information and communication technology. Despite the sales of newer mobile phones, there was a need to educate the masses to recycle their old mobile phones but that need has not been fulfilled and the importance of recycling mobile phones has not been given due importance.
We have used many companies in the past and have found them to be most competitive. Else if you want more for your device and are willing to go through the hassle, you can always try selling your mobile phone on eBay and gumtree. But the issue with Gumtree, Facebook and eBay is it can become a hassle selling your device on them sites above all you have to provide all guarantees and have to speak to quite a few people before you actually get money for your old device. One of the reasons we like recycling our device with Rapid Pone Buyer is that they are willing to buy mobile phones which are faulty or are broken which many companies refuse to buy. Especially if you are trying to sell over the internet through Facebook, eBay or gumtree. As far as the case of other gadgets is concerned such as laptops, its always advisable to sell it through Facebook or one of the shops, sometimes we also buy laptops, so please ask. For TVs you can ring us and provide us with your exact model number and we might be able to buy it from you. Another option is CEX, but we have seen some very low offers from them, it can be a good choice if you plan to buy something else from them as when they give you credit note its much higher than the cash they offer.